Capri @ the Vine


This 4 month project included both internal and external works. Internally we performed all of the plaster boarding and skimming works, this consisted of using dot and dab system for the wall linings.


We used fireline plaster board and skim for all the ceiling finishes fixed using 32mm dry wall screws and joints taped with self adhesive skrim. The walls were lined with British Gypsum dry wall adhesive and then the British Gypsum dura-line boards are applied directly to the dabs of adhesive.


We then used a plasterer’s level to plumb up the board to the walls.  British gypsum board finish was applied after the areas have been joint taped and beaded ready for plaster application.


The plaster was allowed to dry before a polished finish was applied. External Product: K-Rend Pewter Grey was used on the outside of the building and boundary walls, we used K-Rend through colour scratch render.  This was applied to a medium density block so did not require the mesh backing coat for extra strength.


The grey was applied to the surface of the block work after it had been damped down to avoid forced suction.  The product is hand applied and straightened using a derby or straight edge and spatched smooth.  It is then left for a minimum of between 6 and 16 hours depending on weather temperature, ready for scrape texture finish.


Once the product is scraped, it then is brushed to remove any grit residue from the surface and finished.

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