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If you are looking for a dry lining company in Yorkshire, K&L Plastering are experienced, reliable and professional dry lining contractors providing a wide range of products to the commercial market.


Using timber of metal frame fixing to self-contained metal stud, we are able to provide a wide range of products.


We specialise in any type of structural systems and dry lining is one of our most popular services. Thanks to its simple and quick installation process as well as fire safety and sound proof qualities, the two most efficient dry lining techniques are to timber stud partitions and to metal framework.


Dry lining is a quick and efficient process that includes applying decorative plasterboard to a wall or ceiling in order to achieve a smooth finish, without any need for decoration.  The system requires a very small amount of water thus the term dry lining, it is a great alternative to re-plastering and is the best option to gain great decorating results.  It is also environmentally much friendlier than traditional plastering.


SFS Systems


Steel framework systems or metal stud partitions (amongst other names) can be used in all types of buildings to divide space or create defined areas in residential, recreational, commercial and industrial settings.


Lightweight and quick to install, metal stud partitions can provide significant savings over masonry and timber alternatives as they take less manpower, fewer resources and less time to construct.


Metal stud partitions are easy to integrate in to both existing interiors and new build property interiors, making them ideal for any application.


Metal stud partitions are extremely versatile, with different stud options available for specific performance requirements. They are fire resistant, noise and heat insulated, moisture resistant and impact resistant where required.


We offer a free site inspection service where we will advise you on the best solution and options available for your project. We also provide a free quotation service to carry out any works.


Dry Lining


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